With our help, you will realize the potential available through: 

ACQUIRING a technology business, 
SELLING your technology business to a suitable buyer or
OPTIMIZING your technology business. 

We will apply our prioprietary EFFECTS™️ framework to ensure you achieve your goals



We will help you achieve your goals by applying our proprietary EFFECTS™️ framework

The EFFECTS™️ framework stands for:

[E]nd-to-end: we will take care of the process from the moment you tell us what you need, to the moment when shares are sold/bought or the optimization project brings results

[F]ull scope: we take care of all aspects of the process: identifying value drivers, financial, legal and tax aspects, valuation, due diligence, negotiations etc.

[F]lexible: we adjust our operating methods to your specific needs. You can be fully involved in the process and work hand-in-hand with us but you can also leave everything to us and only be involved wehen really necessary. Or do something in the middle

[E]fficient: we do what is really needed. We act only when we have clear goals in sight and the ability to measure progress towards the goals. We don’t do things just to be busy or appear busy

[C]ost-effective: we manage the effort of all actors involved and resulting costs

[T]ransaction [S]upport: this is what we do

Why SH ADVISORYI am an OwnerI am an Investor


We focus on Software Houses and technology businesses because this is a domain in which we can help you the most. We are a team of professionals with relevant experience and insight into the Software House market in Poland and full understanding of the M&A process from both perspectives: the owner/founder and the investor/acquirer.


Our partners held executive roles (CEO, Board Member, CFO) in various software houses.

We won and ran projects, we talked to satisfied and not-so-satisfied customers, we dealt with developers, engineers, candidates and leavers. We have our share of mistakes which helps us understand the specifics of the business. We know how to identify strenghts of an SH and how to identify/eradicate weaknesses, where the opportunities and risks are. We will understand your concerns, we will understand your goals, we will not be learning during the transaction about what is important in the SH business Our solid financial expertise supported by relevant certifications (e.g. ACCA) gives us an edge in putting ALL details of an SH business into monetary terms.

EUR 500m+

Our partners carried out M&A transctions worth over EUR 500 million involving investment funds, pension funds, corporate and private owners and companies listed on stock exchanges in Europe.

We managed one of the largest M&A transaction in the Polish market involving a privately-owned SH and an investment fund. We carried out numerous other M&A processes involving software and technology businesses.



As simple as that. Do you know that most of the partners in Big4 firms are people who never ran any business? They simply stayed in a Big4 firm long enough to make a partner. Most of them have only vague understanding of what REAL business is all about, and – especially – what YOUR business is all about.  The only thing they have ever been responsible throughout their careers is giving good advice to others (usually generated by cheap underlings), without any responsibility for the effects. But they get training, have access to most-up-to-date knowledge etc, you say. No, they don’t. Most of them simply hide  behind a big logo, hoping that it will fly. And it does fly. However the logo will not be working on a project for you – people will. So we believe you should chose advisors with wide experience on both sides – as business leaders and advisors – and with experience in your type of buiness. Sounds bold? Yes, we admit it does. We wouldn’t have put it here if we weren’t 100% sure we are right. Especially that we worked in 3 out of 4 Big4 firms… The EFFECTS™️ FrameworkI am na OwnerI am an InvestorBack to top

We are here to help you…

…find the RIGHT investor, prepare for the transaction, execute it at optimal parameters and ensure you are protected after the transaction.


We will find a right investor for you, depending on your needs, how much control you are ready to share, whether you are willing to build something „bigger” together with the investor or just exit and how long you are willing to stay in the company following the transaction.


We will evaluate how prepared you are to invite an investor and achieve your goals of the process. Based on our methodology involving a „audit” of 125 areas of operations of the business or data points, we will create and help you execute a plan for 6-12-18 months (depending on how prepared you are) to help you maximize the output of the transaction.


We will prepare all necessary documentation (teaser, information memorandum etc.). We will negotiate on your behalf, starting from negotiating the basic parameters, making them more specific through preparation of a termsheet and getting to a final, detailed share purchase agreement (SPA).


We will help you avoid issues post-transaction, including your obligations under „representations and warranties” section of the SPA.


We WILL find the RIGHT targets. Full stop.

With our expertise and knowledge of the market, rest assured we will find the target based on your criteria. Once we do it, we can offer you transaction-related support and post-transaction services to maximize your output from the investment.


Based on your criteria we will prepare a „persona” of an ideal target, scan the market and find the RIGHT targets. We will not waste your and our time on presenting you anything tha’s easy to buy but not matching your needs. If we don’t believe a target is right for your needs, you will never hear about it.


Once we find the right target we will manage or help you manager the whole process end-to-end ie. from the first intro meeting with the target to the moment you become the owner of the shares. we know what to look at in terms of verifying value and how to immediately spot weaknesses in the target.


During and following the transaction we can help you structure the future cooperation with the target or even take interim management roles in the acquired targets on your behalf, act as supervisory board members or represent you in any other way that will help you secure your investment.


If your plan is to expand by executing multiple acquisitions, we will find further targets, help you close the deals and take responsibility for seamless merging of the acquired targets.


We wrote a number of articles in which we are sharing M&A knowledge and insight regarding Polish Software House industry

[EN] 10 Tips for Investors in Polish Software Houses

A document in which we share some not-so-obvious knowledge that can be valuable for investors

[PL] 10 Tips for Software House Owners and Founders

A document in which we share some not-so-obvious knowledge that can be valuable for software house owners and founders

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